Who we are

We love sports

We love sports. Both on and off the pitch. We like the smell of our own sweat, but also enjoy watching a good tiki taka football game. We can’t stop talking about our love.

We love coffee

Nothing better than a good cup of coffee after your weekly bike ride. A talk with your colleagues about that penalty of yesterday? With coffee the discussion gets better.

We love Caffe dello Sport

Good sports stories deserve good coffee. Caffe dello Sport, since 1934 and founded in Veneziano, has a unique taste with a bitter sweet accent. We love it. Do you?



Changes of recipe

Why Caffè dello Sport?

My weekly bike ride with my mates is always different. But one thing will never change: we finish our ride with a cup of Caffè dello Sport (and Antonio tells about the sprint he won in 1987).

Massimo Lucato IT consultant

The most important thing my customers talk about, is sports. Football, cycling, tennis, golf, whatever, if it’s about sports, everyone has his opinion. Those discussions deserve the best sports coffee.

John de Winter Pub owner

Wanna try?

Would you like to enjoy the unique taste of Caffè dello Sport?

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